About the Program The Master of Science in Telecommunications offers a blend of cutting-edge practice-oriented courses in cloud computing, network engineering, 5G, and cybersecurity. This […]

About the Program

The Master of Science in Telecommunications offers a blend of cutting-edge practice-oriented courses in cloud computing, network engineering, 5G, and cybersecurity. This industry-oriented program is designed for students who wish to enter the field of network engineering or are working in the field and want to advance their industry knowledge. The program concentrates on practical applications of network engineering rather than on a theoretical approach, while providing a thorough education in the necessary engineering principles. Hands-on laboratory courses provide students with practical skills and knowledge needed to hit the ground running after graduation. This program also offers two certificate programs that may be incorporated into, and taken concurrently with, the MS in Telecommunications.

New Course Available

SAT Concentration Program Concentration

Space Communication Systems Concentration

The concentration would be 3 courses (9 credits) from the list of courses below:

    TCOM 551 – Digital Communications Systems      (3 Credits)

    TCOM 607 – Satellite Communications                   (3 Credits)

    ECE  580  – Small Spacecraft Engineering                (3 Credits)

    ECE 660 – Space Systems Engineering                     (3 Credits)      

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TCOM 570 - Network Automation
Project-based course that focuses on the process of automating the configuration, management, testing, and operation of physical and virtual devices within a network. Topics covered include: Setting up Virtual Lab, PyCharm, Intro to Linux, Loops and conditions, Function, Class, string and data manipulation, Python sockets, Logging, error handling, Regex, Pandas, Database (SQlite3/mongodb), Paramiko, Flask and Graphing, Requests, API and web scrapping and Ansible for network automation.
TCOM 660 - Network Forensics
Deals with collection, preservation, and analysis of network- generated digital evidence so it can be successfully presented in civil or criminal court of law. Examines relevant federal laws and private sector applications. Examines capture/intercept of digital evidence, analysis of audit trails, recordation of running processes, and reporting of such information.
TCOM 617 - Enterprise Networks
Cover various advanced technologies used in ensuring quality for critical business applications and cost-effective solutions for providing both secure and non-secure communication across a public infrastructure. Topics covered include Quality of Service Performance Routing (PfR), IPSec Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and Data Center Interconnect (DCI).
TCOM 652 - 5G Service
Fifth Generation (5G) wireless communications systems are here. This course includes ITU IMT2020 use cases, services, spectrum, capabilities, performance objectives and world-wide deployment status. The 3GPP and 3GPP2 cellular standards for Third Generation (3G) and Fourth Generation (4G) / LTE wireless communications systems will be reviewed as foundation. WiFi and Bluetooth will be discussed for their role in 5G. The 5G new radio (NR) air interface, 5G architecture, 5G core network and 5G security are presented. The 5G call flow procedures, real-life performance testing results and over the air messaging are investigated
TCOM 616 - Scalable Network Architecture
Concepts and protocols associated with designing highly available and scalable networks on the cloud. Topics include server class operating systems and their application in Internet and enterprise deployments, techniques used to support an enterprise cloud network, networking in virtualized environments and fundamentals of cloud computing. Course also includes exercises and lab work that applies concepts learned throughout the course.

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